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We are looking for customers and rose growers in Europe that would like to work with us and are focused on a long-term relationship. These can be rose-producers, garden- or landscape companies, cities or other communities, as well as whole-sale companies of plants that would like to develop a marketing plan together with one of their customers.

We are also interested in finding partners in the area of organic food production, where our roses can be used as a novel source of food; or spa and wellness centers that are interested in harnessing the benefits of rose essential oil properties.

Depending on what you are looking for, we can even baptise a rose in your name, for a special occasion.


You are most invited to visit us at our trial fields in Temerin, Serbia.

Sometimes, the best way of developing new ideas and a business partnerships is by taking a leisurely stroll through the field of fragrant roses. We are dedicated to gaining and sharing knowledge, so any feedback particularly that of other breeders is more than welcome. We would also like to add that, when it comes to roses, there are no greater experts then women, so we especially welcome them to our rose fields.