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Allow us to proudly present our unique Collections of New Garden Roses.

Bred with equal amount of love and knowledge our roses present a perfect blend of traditional beauty and modern science. Seven years ago, our company begun with breeding of new varieties of roses, with highly professional horticultural skills, applying state-of-the-art techniques and scientific methods in order to create novel, resilient and diverse plants that everyone can enjoy.

Next to our passion for beauty we would also like to highlight our love of nature and a dedication for preserving a piece of green heaven in your garden. As every breeder knows, creation of new varieties is like capturing an artistic moment of inspiration, so in that fashion, we would like to present to you our palette of unequal grace.

In this website you will find three new Collections; bringing in something special for patio roses in our Pixie® Collection; showing the results of a pioneering winterhardiness research from our cooperation with WUR Plant Breeding in our Winterjewel® Collection and presenting the feminine side of roses with our fragrant Frayla® Collection.  We invite you to visit us on our trial fields and see at first-hand the preeminence of our Collections. If you have any questions, remarks or comments, ideas or wishes, we are at your disposal.

Biljana Bozanic Tanjga
General Director and Breeder
Pheno Geno Roses


With the cold winter winds howling about our ears, it's very tempting to stay indoors and forget about the garden. But how do the plants outside manage to survive?


Our head of research and development department along with her team attended a Symposium at the Wageningen University, titled “WURomics: Technology - Driven Innovation for Plant Breeding”, where they had the opportunity to join the discussion about the interaction of plants with their environment, g


Members of our team attended the workshop at the Wageningen University that was held from 12th to 13th of December, which focused on Mapping and QTL detection in polyploids.

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